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BPR Participates in the 20th international Trade fair

Every year BPR participates in the Rwanda International Trade Fair (EXPO) organised by the Private sector Federation (PSF) to showcase different products and services offered by the bank.
This year's expo marked the celebration of the 20th Anniversary, BPR used the avenue to continue the ongoing saving campaign "Hirwa Ugwize Na BPR" where customers who visited the Expo and walked into the BPR stand were educated on the benefits of saving .

with the help of the brand ambassador "tom close" many  customers were educated about saving and the benefits that comes with it where lucky winners stood chances of walking away different prizes.

Different prizes were on display to create more awareness on the ongoing deposit campaign

BPR staff in the Expo posing for a group photo

Staff in the Expo ensured the customers receive a world class experience

Brand ambassador Tom close posing with fans and educating them on saving

During the closing of the exhibition BPR was recognised with a certificate of appreciation for always participating in the Trade Fair

BPR’s certificate of Appreciation for the participating in the 20th international trade fair


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