• Stock Market Investment

    Enjoy great gains and secure your financial position by investing in the stock market. With the help of your dedicated relationship manager, you can buy shares at the NSE, DSE, USE and Rwanda OTC.


    1. Trade while abroad

    Buy and sell shares while abroad with the help of your relationship manager

    1. Participate in rights issues

    Take part in rights issues in your home country

  • T-Bills

    Capitalize on this high-return investment with a short-term loan facility that’s issued by the government. Enjoy this risk-free venture whose returns are redeemed at face value.


    1. High returns

    Enjoy high returns on this investment

    1. Short-term investment

    This is a short-term investment that brings about quick returns

    1. Risk free

    A risk-free investment with guaranteed returns

  • Short-Term Credit Loans

    You can borrow short term loans with or without an approved loan in place. They are offered for a tenor of up to 6 months, with their interest rates determined by the Treasury Bill.

  • Treasury Bids & Bonds

    Looking for a stable and risk-free way to grow your money? Treasury Bills and Bonds are a surefire investment that can be a stable source of income. BPR Bank invests in Treasury Bills and Bonds on your behalf.

  • Call Deposits

    Sign up for a Call Deposit; an interest-bearing investment account that allows you to withdraw your money without a penalty, at a moment’s notice. Enjoy various benefits including withdrawing money from your account without prior notification to the bank.

  • Fixed Deposits

    Grow your money with our Fixed Deposit Account. Our competitive interest rates will have you reach your goal faster. The interest applies to local and foreign currencies and will only be accrued if the money remains in the account for the agreed tenor.