Temporary or Permanent Overdraft


Access to quick and convenient cash is key to the success of any business today. An overdraft facility allows you to use more funds from your current account than you actually have at a particular moment in time.

BPR’s overdraft facility is geared towards facilitating its business banking clients to access short term financing for their quick transactional needs as they await to cash in receipts.

BPR overdraft facility offers:

- Up to 3 months for a permanent overdraft;
- Temporary overdraft facility to cater for your liquidity needs at a given point in time; this facility does not exceed one month period;
- Flexible overdraft limit depending on the customer’s cash flow;
- Competitive interest rates charged only on the overdrawn amount;
- No security required as such, except for large size overdraft limits.

For more information, contact your nearest branch.

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