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Assured safety and access to your money all day long at BPR

more info GWIZA Savings Account

Do you have funds that are temporarily available, or does a certain amount remain in your current account each month? BPR offers you a chance to earn better returns on those funds through “GWIZA” savings account

more info SME Loan

BPR’s SME loan is meant to help improve the competitiveness of existing businesses and industrial units through the upgrading of their business and production tools.

more info Micro-Credit

We understand that some individuals lack the collateral, the steady employment and the verifiable credit history required to qualify for the usual bank loans.


- Access to energy for cooking and domestic lighting;
- Reduced domestic workload, especially for women and children;
- Reduced respiratory diseases among women and children exposed to smoke from firewood;
- Reduced deforestation and soil erosion;
- Biogas wastes are used as organic manure.

more info Agricultural loan

This loan is meant for any type of agricultural activity; production, processing or distribution. (purchase of farm inputs, tools, machines, agro-processing, livestock farming, farm related expenses, etc )

more info Credit Funds

This is a special lending facility to priority sectors and groups of people. Government, NGO’s or a donor agency put funds at the disposal of BPR to finance projects from specific sectors or towards specific groups of people or individuals.

more info Guarantee Funds

This is a facility put in place by the Rwandan government and managed by the central Bank as an instrument to boost investment in the agricultural sector. The aim of this guarantee is to promote financing to viable rural projects without enough collateral or regarded risky by banks.