Rik Reisinger graduated at the university of Groningen in 1990 and holds MsC’s in both business administration and economic history.

He joined Rabobank in 1990 and during the last 20 years he was active as an assistant area-manager Eastern Europe, a business analyst food and agri, a senior manager project finance (Europe and USA) and, during the last 7 years, a senior investment manager of Rabo Development (primarily for Africa). As from 2007 he has visited the beautiful country of Rwanda many times.

In 2007/2008 he was responsible for the acquisition by Rabo Development of a 35% equity interest in BPR. In November 2010 he had the honor to be appointed as a board member of BPR. Next to this he serves as a director in the board of Banco Terra, a leading food and agri bank in Mozambique. Furthermore, as a senior investment manager, he is responsible for URCB, Rabobank’s partner bank in Hangzhou, China. Rik is married and has two kids.