BPR is committed offering the Rwandan population a wide range of bank accounts that can suit your needs in any stage of life.

BPR’s day to day accounts are designed to make you personal banking easy and convenient. At BPR we offer accounts where you can deposit and withdraw your money at any time you want.

We also offer you goal oriented accounts that could help you save towards a target. Or choose a Term Deposit, where your money can grow and you earn higher interests.

apply now more info Current Account

- A day to day account
- Deposit and withdraw money freely
- Safe custody of your money
- Access to all financial transactions like money transfers, access to loans and payments
- ATM-card

more info Term Deposits

- save a fixed amount of money
- for a specific term period ranging from 1 to 12 months
- earn interests
- no withdrawal
- Free account: no account opening fee or maintenance fee

more info HIRWA Savings Account

- For everybody who wants to save regardless the amount
- 12 month saving account (renewable)
- Flexible
- Affordable way of saving
- Free account: No account opening fee or maintenance fee

more info GWIZA Savings Account

- To save a substantial amount of money
- Save on a monthly basis
- 6 month savings account (renewable)
- Free account: No account opening fee or maintenance fee

Whatever your aim is, a personal loan of BPR could help make it reality. It might be for your study, home improvements, the car you need, a way to consolidate your debts, or the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. For every purpose we have the suitable loaning. You want it, we finance it

more info Mid-Month Salary Loan

- Short term salary overdraft
- For immediate emergency expenditures
- Quick loan, offered in not less than 24 hours
- Disbursed in one installment and deposited on your current account

more info Salary Advance Loan

- An all purpose personal loan
- Offers salaried workers the possibility to spend a big lump sum on an immediate need
- Spread the costs over an extended period of time
- Equals up to 8 times of the monthly salary
- The loan is approved in not more than 10 days
- Disbursed in one installment and deposited on client’s current account

more info Car Loan

- Long and flexible repayment period of up to 48 months
- Competitive interest rates

more info Medical Care Loan

- You are able to afford your medical bill by spreading the expenses over a longer loan period;
- Whatever medical procedure you may require, anytime, you don’t have to worry about paying for the entire bill at once;
- Unlike medical insurance which doesn’t take care of all types of medical bills, the medical loan can be used for all your health issues;
- Medical loans are not only used for emergency interventions, but also for any other intended interventions;
- Payment period that extends up to 12 months
- Competitive interest rates

more info Marriage Loan

- You don’t have to wait for years whilst try to save enough money to fund your special day.
- You can make your dream wedding a reality.
- Payment period that extends up to 12 months
- Competitive interest rates

more info Education Loan

- Making it possible to give your children the best education so that they can fulfill their dreams and live a prosperous life.
- Designed for all levels of education from start until university graduation
- The loan covers all education related expenditure: tuition fees, cost of study material, school equipment, etc.
- Payment period that extends up to 12 months
- Competitive interest rates