Performance Bond
We lend our reputation to your business


In doing business today, two parties need to guarantee to each other that they will execute their respective obligations.

For one party, a letter of guarantee issued by a reputable bank demonstrates his credibility to the beneficiary before the start of the work. For the other party, a letter of guarantee ensures his compensation if the work is not satisfactorily carried out.

Project owners needing contractors to undertake a given project often need assurance that the latter execute the job according to the contractual terms; failure to what, compensation should be issued for the damages that may arise.

BPR offers its customers with such a facility, whereby it undertakes to irrevocably and unconditionally pay on behalf of its customer in case the latter fails to fulfill a specified contractual obligation or duty.

How does it work?
- The guarantee facility is just like any other bank loan
- You have to be a BPR customer;
- Apply for the guarantee facility;
- Provide security for the facility – could be in form of cash deposit or assets;
- The guarantee facility is awarded in not later than 24 hours once all needed documentation is provided;

What are the benefits?
- Guarantee from a reputable bank—so your business deal has more chances to succeed;
- Quick loan processing – in 24 hours time;
- Competitive commissions charged – among the best you can get on the market.

For more information, contact your BPR branch.

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