Financing small rural entrepreneurs


We understand that some individuals lack the collateral, the steady employment and the verifiable credit history required to qualify for the usual bank loans.

BPR’s micro credit is designed to extend small loans to such people with good income generating activities.

Micro credit features:
- Beneficiaries:
— People who join together in groups of 3 to 10 people
— Associations of as many as 30 members

- Size: small loans not exceeding 250,000Frw for an individual in a group and 5,000,000 Frw for an association
- Utilization: for income generation and enterprise development.
- Loan duration: Up to 12 months
- Payment modalities:
— Depends on the cash flow of the income generating project
— Competitive interests calculated on a monthly basis
- Security: By joining together in a group or association, members provide:
— a joint moral guarantee for each member to pay back the loan
— Assets of the association in case there are any to be pledged.

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