Loan Schemes
Credit Line more info

- Ideal for business people to overcome liquidity shortages
- Interests are paid only on the part of the line of credit that is used;
- Quick and easy approval process to suit your immediate working capital needs;
- Credit limit depends on the capacity of the borrower to pay back
- Competitive interest rates that favor our best clients
- Up to 12 months credit period
- Your business is enough to secure the loan
- Flexible repayment modalities
— Depending on your business cash flow
— Interests are only paid monthly in case the credit line was used

Equipment Finance more info

For any business equipment you need to acquire, you don’t need to only rely on your cash reserves.

You need new assets, to replace old ones or to expand your current business operations, BPR offers you the possibility.

Working Capital Finance more info

You may be in critical times when additional funding would open up new revenue streams or help you recover from an unwanted situation; BPR will help you by fulfilling your business capital needs.

Invoice Discounting more info

A working capital facility to keep your business going

Temporary or Permanent Overdraft more info

Capital at your full disposal to enable you seize business opportunities as they come your way.