GWIZA Savings Account
Up to 7% interests annually; save and watch your money grow


Do you have funds that are temporarily available, or does a certain amount remain in your current account each month? BPR offers you a chance to earn better returns on those funds through “GWIZA” savings account.

What is GWIZA?

It is a savings account with the following features:
- Minimum deposit to open the account; 100,000 frw.
- Make monthly deposits to the account of minimum 25,000 frw
- Maturity is 6 months renewable.
- No withdrawals are allowed from the account except with a notice period of 91 days.

What are the benefits of GWIZA savings account?
- Interest earnings of up to 7% per annum depending on amount saved. The interests are calculated monthly and paid at the expiry of the six months;
- This account gives you preferential eligibility for a personal loan

How to open GWIZA savings account GWIZA
- If you are already a customer of BPR, all you need is to open a sub-account of your current account by filling a form available at your BPR branch
- For new customers, you need to first open a current account and then the savings account will be a sub-account of the first.
- Make an initial deposit of 100,000Frw minimum then subsequent monthly deposits.

After the six months,
- You can choose to close your account and get your money plus the interests. In this case you should write to the bank 15 days before the account expiry date.
- If no letter is addressed to your bank, after the 6 months, your account will automatically rerun for more six months.

For more information, contact your nearest branch

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