Credit Line


Any business may need to borrow for a variety of reasons, such as working capital requirements, to finance capital expenditures, to cover upcoming tax payments or any other dues while it awaits payment, etc.

In such a case, BPR offers its credit worthy customers with a solution to their liquidity needs. With the line of credit, BPR’s customer enjoys the privilege to maintain a specified level of loan balance for up to 1 year.

- Ideal for business people to overcome liquidity shortages
- Interests are paid only on the part of the line of credit that is used;
- Quick and easy approval process to suit your immediate working capital needs;
- Credit limit depends on the capacity of the borrower to pay back
- Competitive interest rates that favor our best clients
- Up to 12 months credit period
- Your business is enough to secure the loan
- Flexible repayment modalities
— Depending on your business cash flow
— Interests are only paid monthly in case the credit line was used

- To be a trustworthy client of BPR for at least 1 month
- To have a viable business that is properly managed
- Some security is required like assets, the business, or guarantee from a third party.

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