This is a special type of loan facility offered by BPR in partnership with National Domestic Biogas Program (NDBP), to benefit selected rural households. The loan is meant for building a biogas facility that will provide energy for cooking and lighting purposes for the rural household.


- Access to energy for cooking and domestic lighting;
- Reduced domestic workload, especially for women and children;
- Reduced respiratory diseases among women and children exposed
to smoke from firewood;
- Reduced deforestation and soil erosion;
- Biogas wastes are used as organic manure.

Loan terms and conditions:


- To meet the conditions set by MININFRA through its National Domestic Biogas Program (NDBP), namely:

o To have at least 3 exotic cows or 4 local cows which are kept in a
permanent cattle shed under zero grazing conditions;

o To have easy access to water;

o To have a personal contribution in cash or materials worth at least
200.000 Rwf;

- To open an account in the bank;
- To meet the usual conditions of loan eligibility applied by BPR SA.

Loan granting procedure:

- Total cost of biogas project: 800,000Frw, subdivided as follows:

o Contribution of the borrower : 200.000Rwf or in kind;

o Government subsidy : 300.000Rwf;

o BPR loan : 300.000Rwf.

- Eligible farmer presents letter of acceptance from NDBP to the bank together with construction agreement;
- Bank ascertains existence of farmer’s own equity (cash on account or building materials at home);
- Disbursement of loan and subsidy is done in 4 installments after ascertaining construction progress. Government subsidy is also disbursed by BPR.

"Do you think you meet the eligibility conditions? Approach your local authorities or BPR branch for more information".